Monday, January 09, 2006

00. Introduction

I couldn't tell you how other people come up with campaign ideas or develop their material. I don't know where ideas come from.

I know that sounds weird, but I've always had more ideas than I know what to do with. I have so many plots and characters running around in my skull, I'll never get to develop them all. Just look at all the writing I do on here and hardly any of it fiction. I need to lose my day job so I can just write for the internet all day.

Gaming is my passion, though. So is fiction and nonfiction. Anyway, I hope to give some ideas away on here. One of the thousands. I have DnD stuff to share. Some campaign goodies. Some adventure ideas. Some plots. Some encounters. Some NPCs. Whatever comes to mind.

I presently run a vampire game on wednesday night that has over 50 npcs, all of which are in my head. All with their own agendas and plans of action. Maybe some of them will show up too.


I'm going to use this blog to post adventure/campaign ideas for DnD and anything else that comes to mind.

But, if anyone wants to see something in particular, drop me a line or post it on the comments.

Edit: I would appreciate it if people linked their sites to this blog (if they want to). If you would like a copy of the "great cleave" banner, I can send the html code for its link (stored on photobucket).


richvalle said...

Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

If I had enough ideas to run a campaign (as you seem to) or the head to keep them in (50 npc's!) I wouldn't need the WLD. :)

I'm more of a 'take what others have made and use it' sort of person. For now anyway.


DaveMage said...

Fascinating read!

More, please. :)

jim pinto said...



I'm working on it.

You know I'm doing all this for free, right? [Hint, Hint] All these blogs. All this writing. All these updates.




Here's some gaming related anger if you're interested.

But, I won't be using this board as a soapbox. Just a place for ideas.