Sunday, January 29, 2006

Raavnia: Interactive

In the coming months, we'll be building a world together on here.

(Yes, you're going to help. Don't look at me like that. Go clean your room.)

I also intend to address every chapter of the PHB as we go, developing alternate classes, etc. All of this free of course. I'm just that kind of guy.

In between we're going to tackle various topics. The number chapters will always be core rules bits; themes will always be crunchy world-stuff. The rest is just banter.

Later this week, I'll be addressing sneak attack and bad spells. But, I just wanted people to understand what's going on.

If anyone would like to submit some names for gods, demons, the religion, lore, etc., please place it in the comments section of this post.



BlueBlackRed said...

Hmmm, the lure of adding something of my own to the public is strong.

richvalle said...

You can not resist... give in to the Dark Side blueblackred!

Lord Basa Thunder said...

Sure I will help you out.

You are going to make this a PDF when you are done, correct?

You should start telling people what you are looking for... specifics.

jim pinto said...

For starters, we need names of things. I have a post that I'm going to do about character names for this setting, but the BIG important names of cities, lakes, kings, religion, religious figures, and so on, probably need a human touch.

Anyone that wants to post it here or e-mail it to me, can.

And I'll use it in a future post.

Also, if people want to start compiling the notes I've written about Themes A into a more coherent package, that would save me time from having to do it, so I can focus on the write up.

I'm going to get artist friends to submit maps and such, so the PDF is sexy.

When we're done with this game world, we'll move on to another one.


Dave said...

I am Traevanon on the other board btw.

The world name Raavnia suggests a cultural perspective that is eastern european. So, here is a short list of 30ish Eastern European styled place names:

Strzyga, Huzar, Ostrog, Zolnierz, Zaklinacz, Klerykalny, Dzikus, Szabla, Miecz, Milosny, Rzeczny, Gora, Ziemia, Niebo, Burza, Wichura, Zadymka

Sifon, Lecka, Upiri, Vazka, Hladomorna, Valecnik, Kouzelnik, Krezsky, Barbarstvi, Savli, Sermir, Draha, Reka, Horsky, Svet, Zeme, Obloha, Vichrice, Napoa, Vanice

Do these words fit the feel of the "main" culture of Raavnia or a smaller culture? Should we be inventing a cultural perspective that is original?

jim pinto said...

I'm not entrenching the world in Eastern Europe, but I am drawing heavily. I think it's a source of gaming that's gone unnoticed for a long time... it's one of the best regions in the world to set a campaign, but usually people set their campaigns in Northern and Southern france.

Not sure why.

Thanks for the names.

Let's see where they lead in stage 2 of world design... coming week 2 of February.

Lord Basa Thunder said...

Dear lord…

I am not sure, but I think a good portion of gamers will prefer names they can pronounce.

The names listed so far are awesome, but you might want to spell them phonetically. Will this impact the “feel” of the campaign yes… however at the same time it will increase the ease of use.

At the very least please consider putting a phonetic version in parenthesis next to the traditional version.

Just a suggestion.

Dave said...

I just listed those names as examples, they are very basic and recognizable words to anyone who reads polish or czech, so in any final name choice probably should be skipped in favor of some more obscure words.

Are you looking for Greek, Turkish and middle-eastern sounding words as well? I see Apollyon and Ayatollah on your list.

jim pinto said...

Yes. There will be a pre-islam Turkish influence on the world. Imagine turks with Mohammed, becoming Greek or Russian Orthodox.

Apollyon is going to be ONE pronunciation of a great demon. We don't need Greek names, though, because beyond 20 or so (Bellephron, Apollo), most are silly in fantasy settings (like Moosaka and Loosakorasisorius).

These names are a great, but yeah, I'll be drawing from them and making them more "anglo-friendly."

Expect a post soon about the letter B, the name of the church, and some sample names from the world.

Thanks for posting dave.

Dave said...

20 or so Turkish sounding words, some coming from D&D terms, others from universal terms like mountain, heaven and storm.

Tuzak, Kanini, Yarasa, Hortlak, Ejderha, Zindan, Savasci, Buyucu, Rahip, Vahsi, Kilic, Macerasi, Nehir, Yiiksek, Daoydyr, Cennet, Devrildi, Saldir, Firtina, Tipi

Use them for inspiration, discard the ones you dont like, change them to fit. I might do an Assyrian sounding list and perhaps an Egyptian one in a few days, depending on whether those languages are even suitable.

jim pinto said...

They are.

BlueBlackRed said...

Ok, I have a home brew world that I had been working on prior to the release of 3E.

I doubt my main setting will ever be used again for a long campaign because it required a lot more work to run than I was willing to put in.

This campaign contained a lot of my gem ideas, and I would love to see them in print in someething I hadn't written myself.

Now I'm so arrogant to think that what I were to give is something more special than someone else's own stuff. I just want to make sure it's "treated right" as this campaign is a part of me, so to speak.

So give me an e-mail address to send a doc file for your review please.

BlueBlackRed said...

I mis-typed, it should read:
"...I'm not so arrogant..."

Bad time for a type-o.

Dave said...

Egyptian and Assyrian might be a little rough (transliteration is a little gronky) but here goes a short list.

Anok, Tenjimi, Auxan'i, Xatef, Ujai, Nihiomi, Djedji, Sakhbu, Kemet, Anedjib, Awibre, Bakare, Hawara, Hathor, Ibi, Ined, Khamudi, Kheti, Menkare, Nebri, Nekhbet, Sekh, Sheshi, Sharek, Semenkhet, Thot, Ushebti

Jbel, Hanaan, Defla, Huul, Aehna, Aawid, Aablul, Aarzaz, Baab, Babuur, Bayliik, Bekri, Bunta, Darja, Djiib, Mahdi, Khaddam, Tabuk, Badr, Jabalia, Ammar, Khut, Dakhla, Hadhramaut, Sakhnin, Sayf

These words are more random as I cannot find a transliteration website that will try to give me phonetic transliterations of words in these languages. For example if I enter Dungeon into the translator I get arabic script, and if I put in arabic script I get dungeon out. I cannot manage to get a transliterated version with what dungeon "sounds like" in arabic.

Anyhow all these words are place names. Names of people sound different because they are derived from different types of words. I'm probably not telling you anything you dont know, but at least I'm learning something.