Thursday, February 23, 2006

02.1 Races Introduction

I have generated in my mind a short list of PC races that I think fit the world of Raavnia.

Turkish Dwarf
Romanian Elf
Croatian Human
Serbian Human
Albanian Orc
And either a reptilian or rat-like race for the nonhuman counterpart

Notice the lack of gnomes and halflings


I'll be using the names Dave posted earlier for the locations later.


Dave said...

How about Czarist Russia, not as an addition, but as an antagonist country. Heck, even some sort of a shadow of communist russia could be fun. Just brainstorming really.

Okay maybe its too recognizable. The oncoming threat of technology from the outside that is.

jim pinto said...

Interesting. But this is 1000 AD. The only technology that's coming, is the longbow.


But we can certainly do Kiev or Novgorov as a warring city-state, that's made us of emigres from this region.


Dave said...

I'm not really sure what Russia was like in 1000AD, then again I think I'm feeling it get too close to a historical simulation than a fantasy RPG.

Okay, just brainstorming again but how about giving the humanoid bad guys access to a superior magic that the player races dont have.

I guess it all depends on whether you want the campaign to feel like an expansion of civilization into the wilderness (wild west) or heroic defense against superior outside forces (WW2), some combination or other option.

The only bad idea I think would be to place the campaign in a stagnant place in any of these country's history (Canada, modern Australia) or where the expansion or contraction is not something the players can easily affect (like a plague).

If I had my choice I would choose option 2. The country the PCs live in faces the challenge of staging a heroic defense against extermination by superior outside forces.

I could go further with this thought and describe what I'm imagining, but I'm not sure if you are with me so far.

I'll just say it helps take the game out of history and puts it firmly back in the fantasy genre.

jim pinto said...

I like to use historical reference as a jumping off point, but trust me when I say I have no intentions of creating a stagnant world.

There will be growth in every direction.

Remember. MORE posibilities than the adventures in the DMG. Not less.

Daerick Gross is going to make a map for me and we'll have something soon enough.

As for the nonhumans, I'm going with ratmen (like the Aradan from Mercenaries) and give them their own kind of magic.