Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It's very quiet.

Almost too quiet.

What's everyone been up to?


Smellyweasel said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have been checking your site for updates, and I am interested in your ideas.

Particularly the ideas related to game mechanics and how you feel current D&D rules can be improved.

I really like the new rules. I feel that a lot of the classes have a reason to play now, other than "because we need a character of that class"

The only thing that I don't like with the 3rd edition and on compared to 1st and second, is the sense of danger. It seems like everything is definitely in favor of the PCs, and any ailment that strikes them can easily be removed with a spell as long as they can find a caster who can take care of it.

Lord Basa Thunder said...


Super Busy...

No excuse... will call you soon.


Lots of things need tweaking... But I really think a large part of that needs to be done by the DM not the designer.

The first chapter of the jpPG (jim pinto Players Guide) should be for the DM. You can have a fun campaign with a crappy DM, but not a good campaign.

Most if not all the people post on this blog know this... and most likely do a great job DMing. That chapter is a start for all the inexperienced people out there.

Crap... man I could go on for pages about this... but the point is the same and I would just be rambling...

jim pinto said...

Thanks for the posts guys. I'm about to do a small world overview for my next post (along with a Turkish dwarf), but you're right a primer for DMs and PCs might be good.

And thanks weasel, I enjoy retooling the wholes. I think the role of the cleric has certainly become "countering" whatever bad thing happens to the PCs. Of course, there's a lot of solutions to this, but the low/variant-magic of Raavnia will certainly give you something to chew on.

I hope.

jim pinto said...

And good to hear from you, Dan.

If I post that I miss you, does that make me gay?

Nevermind. Forget you saw that. In fact, you were never here.

Damn. How do I delete this?

Herb said...

I still exist, haven't checked since Themes B. Will comment on Feats momentarily, nothing lengthy.

Glad to see Greatcleave isn't dead :)

Been putting time into getting ready to run Fallout PnP (which, could use some rewriting if you ask me).

Always happy to see more posted here.

jim pinto said...

I'm working on so many projects right now, that the last thing I should have done was start this site, but I really wanted to give something back to the WLD crowd and anyone else that actually read my tripe.

[Apparently lordbasathunder bought one of my books.]

The themes articles are the most fun for me to write, but seem to generate the lowest response.

And of course, the joke about gamers crashed like a balloon full of meteorites.

Anyway. I'm working on getting some stuff updated, but tonight at midnight is V for Vendetta, so I won't be writing after 11pm and I have some bartending interviews tonight.

So don't expect anything until the weekend, but when I do post, it'll be good.

Well. It'll BE.

I promise.