Thursday, March 09, 2006


I'm way behind. And I suck.


Here's five free feats (not very good, but free nonetheless).

Note: Fighter feats are going to get fixed in a future post and man is that going to be fun to do.

Architect of Destruction
You have long reaching goals that defy the laws of civilized people and/or espouse your own aims.
Prerequisite: Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 13, Endurance, Planner, Toughness, Zeal, Chaotic Alignment
Benefit: You are a long term planner for chaos. While Law is thinking to solve and fix the reactions of the universe, you are setting about its actions. When taking 10 or 20 on any Intelligence or Wisdom related skill check, you gain an additional +5 to the roll. In addition, you double the benefits of "aiming" and "studying opponents."

Lastly, as an architect, you are capable of far-reaching plans that others cannot see. Whenever a cohort or ally is surprised by your actions, they are surprised for an additional 1d4+1 rounds minus their Wisdom bonus (if any). Cohorts and allies will always be surprised at least 1 additional round. [The concept here is that when the villain finally reveals himself, he's going to get a few extra rounds between himself and the other PCs.]

Special: Yes. I know. A lot of these abilities are "vague." But there was no other way to do this one. And yes, this is an antisocial feat. I'm sorry if that bothers anyone.

You believe in a virtue that is askew to the religious or spiritual convictions of your society.
Prerequisite: Wis 15-
Benefit: Because of your cult's extreme nature, you gain a +2 morale save against divine magic from a religion that is different from your own. However, you suffer a -2 morale save against arcane spells, divine spells from your own religion, and spells cast by a virtuous paladin. [This will be explained in the paladin class in a later chapter. If you want to use this ability now, assume all LG paladins are virtuous.]

Someone is very loyal to your cause.
Prerequisite: Wis 13 or Cha 15
Benefit: You gain the benefit of a cohort as though you had the Leadership feat. This cohort is extremely loyal to you and is difficult to sway. At any time he would be charmed or convinced to act in a manner against you, he gains a +4 morale bonus to his save. If there is no chance for a save, he is allowed one at a -4 penalty (against the appropriate DC for an effect of that level).

Special: It is up to the PC and DM to work out how the loyalist joined your ranks. Lots of cool roleplaying potential here.

You are forward thinking. You do not take rash action or jump into things without a plan. Prerequisite: Wis 14 or Int 14, Endurance
Benefit: Whenever you would normally be surprised, you are allowed a Willpower save with a DC equal to 15 plus the HD and Wisdom modifier of the opponent. If you succeed, you are not caught by surprise at all and may take a partial action during the surprise round and are not caught flat-footed. However, regardless of your Initiative check you may not take action before your opponent.

You are devoted to a cause, whatever it may be.
Prerequisite: Wis 14, Cha 13
Benefit: Whenever a mind-affecting magic would require that you act in a manner opposite of your alignment and character, you gain a +4 insight bonus to your Will save. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to all Will saves involving magic from a source from an alignment other than your own.


Herb said...

I'm rather neutral towards new feats, because to be honest, between WotC and everything else I've played, I've seen way too many feats. As long as they don't look outrageous, they're probably okay.

Loyalist will be unpopular with many GMs, for the same reason that it's got potential - it requires a good deal of creativity, and like Leadership, it requires the GM to roleplay another PC. This will tend to become rather mechanized in most cases.

I like the idea of a feat that has a Maximum requirement (Wis 15-), just because it's a novel thing for me. Makes sense though.

As far as Zeal goes, every neutral character should pack that feat. +5 on will saves most the time for a mind-compulsion! I mean, it's not hard to argue to a GM that whatever action is being imposed upon you is too extreme for your character. And since one's an inherent bonus and the other's just a bonus, stack time! Well, i suppose it'll be more moderated than almost always, plus not too many people play neutral characters. Always looking for the worst case though.

Well that's all for today.

jim pinto said...

I don't care for new feats either.

What I prefer is alternate lists of feats. You can't choose from these 10, but you can choose from these 20.

Makes for a different kind of game.

For the record, I wrote these in 10 minutes... not a lot of thought went into them. And if one is broken, you can exchange it for a new one (or get your money back).