Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I am working on a few ideas for indie-style RPGs. I am looking for people to work on said projects with me, if they are interested in writing/testing/brainstorming.

I'd also like to know if anyone is still reading this page.

It's okay if you're not.

But wow. It's been quiet.


Chris Carlson said...

Well, I'd be willing to pitch in the occasional hand here or there. Time permitting.

Assuming you want my help with anything, of course.

- Chris

jim pinto said...

hey chris,

i've got some ideas for indie games

(alternate worlds, alternate rules systems, etc.)

i can do the editing and production work (and layout), but i can't do all of that AND write every single word

so i need people to take on some of the writing for these books.

right now, there are five games i'd like to "open" with and i think we can get them done in two months each.

i think.


people that want to break into game design and/or work with someone like me should consider this opportunity.

i'm not trying to make a million $. i'm just trying to publish some fun games.

Dave said...

Sure I'd like to help. As before I'd probably be best at research. Especially if you already have a semi-solid picture of what you want in mind.

The problem with writing stuff to add to some larger project is making it fit with what they have in mind. So if a chunk can be broken off that I can be freely creative with to some degree, then I could write a few articles.

If there are only a couple of us though, I can certainly understand saving the ideas for some other venue.

jim pinto said...

The best approach now is to figure out who can write about 500 to 1,000 words a day.

Nothing impossible, but certainly a brisk enough pace that we can get done swiftly.

Whoever wants to be involved should e-mail me privately, I guess, because I won't be chatting about it any IPs in a public forum.