Sunday, September 17, 2006

Last Dominion

3P Publishing is run by a game designer named Randy Madden. The company (i.e. Randy) makes a Fantasy setting for the Hero Game system. PDF and P.O.D. stuff.

I ran into Randy at GenCon and immediately realized this guy understands that games need to LOOK GOOD, no matter the content. We shared some drinks. Some laughs. Some childhood foibles.


Ahem. Anyway.

I recently completed the interior and cover design template for his game starting with the next book in the series.

It looks awesome and I hope his fan base likes it.

While I'm not a big fan of highly texturized interiors, I think this one is going to be cool.

In the works:

Three indie RPGs.
A card game.
A sourcebook on monsters.
Art direction for Blackmoor and a new RPG from Zeitgiest.
A few comic books.
A card game with Z-Man Games.
A board game in the early stages.

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