Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PCs (with help from Dawn and Jeff Ibach)

I forget who did this art, but it's amazing.
I think it's marcio fiorito.
Obviously I'm using it without permission.

I've been accused of being an elitist about gaming.

I won't apologize for this.

I don't see anything wrong with loving your hobby so much that you want to see it grow into something BIGGER than just fart jokes, buffy recitals, and +7" longsword innuedos.

I don't have the time to go into everything, but below is the outline and intro to a book I really really really wanted to make.

Take a look at it and chime in with your thoughts, if you feel so inclined.

Chapter I: The Role of the Player

For those who haven't heard me say this before, it is my belief that the PCs must do as much work as the GM in order for the "game" to work. This goes for all roleplaying. People who show up looking to be entertained for free, stop reading now. You are the enemy of fun.

The point of the game, of course, is entertainment, comraderie, social interaction, and escape from the spouse. But never at the cost of someone else's enjoyment.

And never for free.

I cannot state this enough. PCs looking to be entertained had better start paying for the privledge. Everyone has an equal share in the game.


For example, PCs who show up unprepared, unwilling to do anything but roll dice, and bent on arguing each point of minutia ruin everyone's fun. This sort of behavior is unacceptable. I shouldn't have to say it, but I've known too many gamers in my day. Most of them bad. Some DMs want nothing more than to create tough monsters to fight, while others want to tell a story or develop a world.

All of them want to avoid "work going to waste."

What that means is: If I spent 8 hours all week making a village and story plots for the PCs to follow, killing the headman and burning the tavern to the ground is NOT okay. Yes, PCs should be allowed freedom at the game table they can't have in video games. But that does not mean being balls of chaos who destroy everything in their wake.

So. This lengthy post about how the PCs and DMs can work together, instead of being at odds with one another. Someone, somewhere decided that the DM was the enemy, and I'm not sure why this started. But it ends now.

Okay. So. Let's get started with what the PC can do and then we'll turn our attention to the DM.

Coming Prepared
Working WITH the GM
Introducing new plots, new threads.

Chapter II: The Roles of the GM
The GM is not the enemy
Respect his/her efforts
The types of games

Chapter III: Player Archetypes
The seven types of gamers

Chapter IV: Advanced Gaming
Character Archetypes
Better Characters
Better Personality
Stereotyping the stats
What not to do
Setting goals
Maintaining goals
Unattainable goals (sidebar)
Morals vs. ethics

Chapter V: Advanced, Advanced Gaming
Player roles
Bonding (in character and out)
Taking notes vs. Taking NOTES
Adventure Journal
Treasure List

Chapter VI: The Social Contract

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