Thursday, September 28, 2006


I bought Iron Maiden's new album a week ago. And I'm not really sure if I like it. It's missing something and some of it is clumsy.

Not sure why I feel that way, but I'm torn.

Brave New World was so good.

Anyway, I'm searching online for reviews of the album and reading everything I can about it to get other people's perspective.... and I came upon something that I never thought about before.

I didn't like Dance of the Dead, either.

And so when I come upon a review of it that is positive, I realize that the reviewer and I don't like Iron Maiden for the same reason.

And then I realized something about game reviews.

I probably don't like RPGs for the same reason reviewer XYZ does.

So what use is a review on Game ABC from some troubled teen who is upset that Werewolf 7 doesn't have silver-tipped nail files?

I could care less about his perspective.

I need more than one review of Thurn & Taxis (amazing new board game) before I decide to buy it.

I can't just take one person's opinion of it.

Movies have which hosts dozens of reviews of a single movie, so the viewer can get a myriad of ideas about a movie before deciding to waist $10 on Pauly Shore's new misery.

Why are games broken and made with a single review from hostile reviewer RST instead of a collection of ideas from a dozen people all chiming in with 100-word reviews of the good/bad/ugly of a game?

Why am I just thinking of this now?

Then again, maybe someone has already thought of this and I'm about 5 years behind the RPG-Internet curve.

Which I think I am.


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