Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GenCon Report

GenCon Socal was really great this year. The Dead Dog party on sunday was a perfect cap to the convention.

Lots of good energy this year. People in good spirits. Gamers spending money.

The convention is finally starting to reach some kind of balance, I think. Everyone was in good spirits

It was great seeing some industry friends as well.

Eric Lang, Ken Hite, Raven Mimura, Drew Baker, Doug Kovacs, Terese Neilsen, Jason, Tina, Darren, Boyan, Deirdre, Diesel, Barbara, Elisa, Phi, Dan, Marcelo, Steiger, Paul, Janice, Luke Crane, Jared, Patrick, Zinser, April, Phil, Eric Mona, and of course my colleagues and bosses at Triking.

Let us not forget the man who puts on the show... Peter Adkinson.


If you missed the con this year, you stink.

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