Thursday, December 14, 2006

Does anyone read this anymore?

Granted, I'm only posting about twice a week... but I get the impression that this blog has died.

Am I wrong?


Nicole said...

I read it - I just read through my RSS feed reader, so it prolly doesn't show up as a pagehit.

Pat said...

I'm a new reader. Post on!

lawngnomelover said...

I still read your crap.

Richard said...

I read it, but read it through Google Reader.

jim pinto said...

So... this site has four fans?!?


::hangs head:: I was a game designer once.

Dave said...

My WLD game has tapered off for a while, but its getting ready to start up again with the new year.

I'll be catching up with your blog over the next couple weeks.

So now you have five.