Friday, January 26, 2007

Vampire: Alexander Prescott

Alexander is an important Ventrue in the city of Las Vegas. Hailing from London, Alexander was summon by his sire Timothy Crowley (whip) just 10 years ago, when the importance of Las Vegas was becoming important to the Camarilla... sadly... years after Anarchs and Sabat had established a foothold in the city and environs.

Alexander is a consumate lieutenant, performing whatever task is asked of him. While he is not above murder and subterfuge, his true strength is in numbers and management. He is the perfect chamberlain, always making sure that Crowley's affairs are in order. In fact, he is absolutely loyal, prefering to strengthen his leader's position. Along with Helen Grace Bishop and Samantha Ascott (more on them later), he performs the more rudimentary functions of the Clan... and does it without complaint or fail.

Alexander is handsome, articulate, and self-assured. He makes even the most willful vampires take notice when he has something to say... although he does keep his opinions to himself, unless it is asked for. He is aware of most of the inner circles functions, if not machinations. He tries to keep up to date on the outer court of Las Vegas as well, but only through contact with important folk like the Scourge (a Gangrel named Wynn) and Sherriff (a Ventrue named Sir James Havert Emerson II).

Maybe I'll get around to posting all 50 NPCs from this game. Who knows.

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