Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Worthless Stats

I've said before in an earlier post that I thought WIS and CHA were worthless attributes in D&D and neither 3.0 or 3.5 have done anything to change my mind or improve them. Just because they are useful stats for a couple classes, does not mean they belong in the game... nor are equally balanced against STR, CON, or DEX.

In fact, let me just say, right now. That INT/WIS/CHA need to be removed from the game right now and be replaced with a WITS statistic that covers everything...

I'm going to let that sink in.

Am I suggested CHANGING the very fundement of D&D? Am I saying that WIS and CHA will no longer be stats in the game... and that INT will be governered by how smartly I play the game?

The answer is Yes. But think of this... what purpose, in a game that is 80% combat statistics and feats, do social traits serve?

Since, the answer is none, as I've discussed before... we can elimate all of the paperwork associated with these two silly stats and now present characters whose CHA and WIS are equally reflected through their WITS.

And now... in every instance where a rule requires you to check your CHA or WIS modifier, you will use your WITS modifier... there are no longer FREE languages... and no more bonus skill points. But, we already compressed Hide/Move and Spot/Listen... so there's less cause for 60 starting skill points anyway. Craft/Profession should become one skill, as well... how lame is that... and DMs complaining about PCs with bonuses up the arse... can see their PCs starting with on average about 8 less skill points.

This of course is very powerful for Clerics... but they need an overhaul anyway.... in the mean time... I recommend someone try it at home. And give it a whirl... and in order to make things fair... add these following rules for other classes.

Barbarians gain 1 additional class skill for every bonus point of WITS.
Bards gain bonus spells based on WITS of course, but a Bard with a high enough WITS should get a 1st level spell at 1st level OR... access to another song (per the Warlord RPG... which I think is a vastly more interesting Bard class, but still fails to individualize Bards).
Clerics do not change under this system, but maybe should lose the Cleric attack progression and use the Wizard one instead. Although, the new Turn Undead rules I propose will utilize WITS. Another reason to reduce/fix the Cleric class.
Druids grant additional hit points to their animal companions for high WITS? Or better yet, a Druid may double his/her WITS bonus on Spot/Listen checks while in the wild (not dungeons).
Fighters gain an AC bonus based on WITS or DEX, whichever is higher. Perhaps at a certain level, they can add them together. 6th?
Monks double their AC bonus ability... but that should already be an ability in the game.
Paladins do not change.
Rangers favored enemy bonus is not static, but based on WITS.
Rogues may add their WITS bonus to all REF saves and are the only class that gain bonus skill points from WITS.
Sorcerers use CON to determine their bonus spells now.
Sorcerers and Wizards add their WITS to the hit points of their familiar (every level), like a CON bonus. They also add their WITS score to all spell caster checks.

Of course, now that D&D only has FOUR stats, your starting character points is going to be 2/3rd what it was before, but that's to be expected

Which reminds me, I really need to do a post on Bards, Clerics, and Paladins.

I hope these ideas are useful.

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