Friday, April 20, 2007

Zombie-Related Humor and some OOTS


Bonus: It's about time. Roy has HAD it coming in my opinion. I'm so sick of the good guys in this story, when the villains are so much smarter.


qualistarian said...

Only Xykon & Redcloak, really. Nale is so wonderfully flawed - he's just as stupid as Elan, only in an entirely different way.

I think the important thing here isn't that Xykon's smarter than Roy, it's that Roy is beneath his notice. That's why he keeps forgetting his name. I'm waiting for the "Oh SHIT" moment that goes through Roy's head when Xykon finally does consider him a threat, and decides to actually do something about him.

"For you, the day Bison came to your village was the most important moment of your life. But for was Tuesday." - Raul Julia, Street Fighter.

jim pinto said...

But Nale always has brilliant, crafty schemes. Even if he foiled HIMSELF by making out with Haley.

Thog is a great idiot.

I'm waiting for the moment, when the Order of the Stick realize that good intentions aren't enough to stop a villain with a brain and immortality.