Saturday, May 12, 2007

City of Coil IX: Cast of Characters, Part I

So far, some pretty important people have appeared in the story already, despite the fact that the PCs are all 5th level. We went from WEEK 1, which was a series of unrelated events, to WEEK 2 which was CHARACTER-DRIVEN, STORY-INTENSIVE, ROLEPLAYING.

Great session.

The cast of characters grows.

Lord Legarin (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). Father to Amara (Shawn's character). High-level wizard who holds seats on three magic guilds, including the Conjuration Guild, Divining Guild, and Mage Guild. Unseated from his position on th Conjuration Guild (his highest). Was about to lose his seat on the Divining Guild. Died at the end of the last session.

Absalom Hikara Deramus. Second highest-ranking Evocation wizard in the city. Holds numerous seats in various guilds. Openly opposed Legarin. A duplicate of the Absalom appeared at a Mage function, spewing venomous insults toward Legarin.

Thurnon. Important wizard in the Mage Guild. Is in a position to help Amara, but lost interest after the fiasco at the Mage "party."

Elijah. Medium ranked Witch Watch Warden. Has gone on two dates with Amara. Is genuinely interested, but places duty above emotion.

Nathanial. Amara's dead ex-lover. Was carried away and tortured in the Conjuration tower by Elijah and three guards.

The Stag. Local hangout in District 11. Known for good jokes and music, cheap drinks, and a bouncer that keeps out the trouble.

Garim. Bartender/Owner of the Stag. Friendly to the friendly. Does not tolerate trouble-makers. Hence the bouncer...

Warhain. Bouncer at the Stag. Has a crush on Chloe.

Barrick. Jack of all trades. Was imprisioned alongside Chloe. Dead.

The Broken Mug. Dirty run-down bar in District 13.

Rezug. Orc fixer. Has a scam going with Chloe... which Chloe recently rejected... which is going to bite her in the ass.

Orgar. Muscle for Rezug. Alongside T-Bone and Khiern (the former of whom Chloe stabbed in the thigh).

Lucan Vohlis'sharr. One of the central Patriahs in the Brotherhood of Men "gentleman's club."

Mother Veka Lhesparan. Leader of the Cult of Dagos.

Arrig. Zaepheous' "brother" in the Cult of Dagos.

Aidan. Creepy goth guy in the Cult of Dagos. The most diligent member.

Zurir of the Spire. A well-known street prostletizer. Considered insane. He stands in front of the Cathedral of Cerul everyday, spouting the words of the end of mankind at the hands of Magog. Arrested daily.

Lake Pangal. A place of reverence to the Cult of Dagos.

Silveranvil Order. Dwarven smith secret society.

Crimson Axe Gang. A mostly human and elven gang that is slowly spreading it's strength through various pockets in Districts 12, 13, and 14.

Craghand Clan. A militant, racist gang of unskilled dwarves who attack non-dwarf gangs en masse.

Blackheart. A high-level and well-connected Bard/Fixer. Recently cut Zaepheous out of his life.

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