Saturday, May 05, 2007

Erfworld: Why I stopped worrying and learned to love the blog

As regular readers may know, I love the Order of the Stick. I've been reading since issue 16 and I think Rich has a great gift for characters and in-jokes. Lately, it's gotten a little stale, but the medium of a 16 panel comic three times a week doesn't allow him to do all of the things he wants to do.

The recent issue of Roy falling shows what CAN be done, but the average issue has become the same patter and banter, crescendoed with a fierce one-liner or maimed with a mild joke or inane pun.

Rich is still amazing, but I have my concerns.

And I want the villains to win.

On the other hand, I've stopped reading Erfworld. I gave that comic 40+ issues to try and grab me. And for a while, it sort of did, but the BLOGS are dumb. They are insulting and dumb.

They show a total lack of understanding of writing and/or dialog. It is, in essence, the opposite of OOTS... which only resorted to EXPOSITION once when the SECRET of the universe was exposed by the now-dead Lord Shojo of Azure City. Let me add, it was also drawn differently and the story was nearly 300 issues in before this long-winded story approach was taken.

It was contrived, but albeit, the best method of conveying information to the reader at the time.

The writer of Erfworld has chosen a FISH OUT OF WATER story. A classic trope designed to give the reader as much information about the world as the main character. Everything is "discovered" at the same rate for reader/protagonist.

The first Amber novel is a great example of this story type.

Half of my D&D campaigns are fish out of water stories.

The Erfworld writer, however, has chosen to short-cut this process with BLOGS and long-winded explanations of ever bit of minutia that has nothing to do with HAMSTER BOY winning the war and getting how.

I don't care. The reader's don't care. Hell, the characters in the story don't seem to care. The story is slow and tired.

And I've stopped reading.

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