Friday, May 18, 2007

Slaughtergarde Disappointment

Since I refuse to REVIEW someone else's product, let me at the very least express my disappointment with the follow-through on WOTC's new $24 adventure... Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde -- an adventure title that is [ ] this close to be stupid.

I bought this (along with a short goblin adventure) for less than $20, based on the advice from a friend whose opinion I value on books. After all, he's bought plenty of MY books. So, I assume we agree on content.

I eagerly awaited the book, not knowing anything about it... ordered online... we don't have game stores in Los Angeles.

When it arrived, I was stoked to find out that it was a 1st to 6th level "campaign" presented in a slightly "Night Below" format... among my favorite D&D adventures.

However, not only is this adventure written for 12-year olds, with its remedial style and boring set up (you are hired to guard a caravan -- dear god). But this adventure is really nothing more than an uninspired background used to link together about 60 encounters that really have nothing to do with one another.

If you like mindless dungeon crawls using the DnD minis, then this adventure packet is for you. It's awesome for something like that.

But it's not an adventure... it's barely even an idea on a bar napkin.

The worst part... is the player's guide, which details waayyy too much about the world, in my opinion, and talks to the players like children. "You can be a wizard from a local tower, or maybe someone who has wandered into the valley."

Wow. Thanks. Not sure I could have come up with that one on my own. You guys rock. I'm scrapping all my D&D books now. You've made them obsolete.

Very disappointing... especially given the amount of time spent on the presentation.

Loads of potential, but just ... wow... obviously not made for a gamer like me.

If anyone wants to buy my copy, let me know. It's going fast.

Or... i'll send it off to you if you know of a good 1st through 8th level campaign THING that would get me excited about D&D again.