Thursday, July 26, 2007

D&D Social Interaction

As everyone knows by now, I want to remove Wis and Cha from D&D. In fact, if I could, all three MENTAL attributes would be removed from the game and be replaced with a Social token system.

Weapons and magic would become skills, so the more skill points you spend on magic, the better you are at casting spells. This is the equivalent of a spell bonus from a high INT.

In order to emulate the loss of Charisma, everyone gets Social tokens (at least 1), based on how many point you put into this state during character creation. You can't have more than 5. The Social tokens are used anytime the PCs are engaged in a social situation. They are effectively a WIN of socializing. But they are also used in place of knowledge (arcana) and all those other useless skills that get rolled once per session.

They help with languages too.

We need to know where the orc camp is. I ask around. Spend a token. Ah. Found a map.

Talk to the guard over there. See if he'll let us in. Spend a token.

I know a little bit of the orc language. It sounds like their inviting us in for cookies. Spends token. Nope. They want to eat the gnome. My mistake.

Can you cut the price on this sword by 10%?

Hey. Monster. Look over there.

These runes look familiar.

I have a friend in BlackGard that knows a guy who lived a girl who owned a shop that sold those magical components. They also took in black pearls in trade and even blessed magic items. No lie.

And so on.

It's just theory at the moment. I'm redesigning it as we speak.

ADDENDUM: Check out this thread on enworld.

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James said...

You aren't talking about D&D anymore. Unless you speak in terms of campaigns that are published under the game, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Eberron, D&D is just a system. When you make a radical change like you are suggesting the game you are playing is no longer D&D... so why even refrence the game at all?

Which brings up an interesting idea. Earthdawn, a game I love, is both a system and a campaign concept. Only one campaign world was ever created, and that world was integral to the way the game played. The same can be said for Warhammer Fantasy, Middle Earth, Gamma World (even more so really in this games case), etc. Whereas game systems like GURPS, HERO, and D&D have had many different campaign worlds created for them to be used with.

Now apart from homebrew campaign worlds, where does the system and the game world seperate in the public conciousness? When I think of Call of Cuthulhu, I think of a more or less real life setting in which cosmic horror and supernatural badies exist under the surface... modern, post modern, or victoran... etc. Culthuhu IS a concept. Where does the concept and the system seperate?