Wednesday, August 08, 2007

City of Coil XI: Act II

Much of the city has been designed and developed on here, with loose notes whenever possible.

A lot of ideas float around and when it comes time to make this into a REAL game world, I hope a few friends can help with the writing. I have mechanics ideas ready to playtest.

As for the story I'm running on Saturdays, here's a recap.

Twelve high level people in the city are actually members of the Circle of Midnight, spell casters who are not wizards (some of whom masquerade as wizards0. They all held high places of power and made a pact to secure a place in history for the Chosen One. However, when the chosen one was born, they forsake their duty and clung to their power. A ritual, created by the forsaken chosen one has killed all but one of the Circle. The second most powerful Evoker in the City reels from the attempt on her lift, weakened by it. However, others around her squabble for power, like vultures. waiting for her to show a sign of weakness. Already the Evocation tower is in disarray.

Two days of rioting and looting as the city under a state of martial law. Certain regions of the city have been walled up. The prisons are filled with criminals of all kinds.

A small gathering of lizard men at the temple of Nyoss (God of Whispers) convened for several days before leaving shortly after midnight of the new year. The PCs are unaware of this event's significance.

The Divination Guild is bidding its time, waiting for the appropriate moment to strike. Someone from their order has approached Zapheous, asking him for the Medusa coin.

The Necromancy Guild has been quiet for some time.

Chloe is slowly becoming something of importance... a creature beyond her human form. She, of course, needs to know everything now. She is also anxious to kill people.

Amara is in fact a half-succubus. Her brother is a rakshasa. Her father was a tiefling (he and all his clones are dead). Her mother was a... we don't know yet.

Zapheous has had so many brushes with death. But his days are numbered now. He has fewer and fewer allies. And the people he can blackmail are weakening.

Simon is a speck on the horizon.

We have now entered a second era of PC "enlightenment."

ADDENDUM: We are playing again on the 11th. Two of the player may be making an addition character each, to highlight stories and issues going on in the city that their characters can't be involved with (there's only so many hours in the day).

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