Sunday, September 16, 2007

Portland Dogs

I ran Dogs in the Vineyard last night (here in Portland) for a few friends. I'm still up here on vacation, but I'll try to post an actual play in soon.

Complicated story with lots to do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm heading to the Pacific Northwest (Portland and then some) for a week.

I will be back on the 20th with news and information about upcoming projects.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

City of Coil: Act II

We've had a huge shift in tone and players recently and the campaign has taken a weird turn.

The story is sort of heating up... but not completely... it's hard to define.

In some ways, it's become a traditional "get the mission" sort of game, which I was trying to avoid. And in other ways it's stumbling through the difficult second Act.

Which is funny, because I had intended about five Acts of escalating complexity. But it looks like it might just be a two or three act story, now.

We'll see.

Colby, Brian, and Adrian are joining or have joined the game.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Instead of our regular game....

Players: Aaron, James, Joel, Jim, jim, and Richard

I ran a 6-player session of GC last night for players who are usually enjoying D&D Iron Heroes or Mutants and Masterminds. The session, for all it's hic-cups, was pretty good and one of the players offered a lot more than expected. It was interesting to see them wrapping their heads around the idea of no GM and competing for "attention" (which is essentially what complications are).

Aaron opened the story with 12-year old Mike (who hated being called Mikey). He lived in an old subway bathroom and ventured out for food every morning. A lone six-year old had fallen through the dilapidated ceiling a pack of three dogs were circling him like food. Mike grabbed a massive rock to smash one of the dogs with, but a fourth dog approached and scared Mike. Thinking the situation a distraction, the six-year old fled down the tunnel and the pack of dogs chased, mauling and feeding on the child. Mikey failed to get food.

Morris (11-year old played by Richard), slept in a catwalk above the tracks, miraculously spared from the collapse of the ceiling. Morris worked his way down and sneaked away from from the chaos to get a ho-ho out of a vending machine hidden deep in the subway. His shoes were worn and Richard spent a lot of time describing the environment around him. Morris was able to get the last ho-ho out of the machine without it closing on his hand.

Jim played a 10-year old named Johnny who woke that morning from inside the trunk of a parked car. He walked the streets, looking for food, uneventfully. He would prove to be a huge thorn in Morris' side all game long.

Joel played a 9-year old (named Zeb) with a simple desire to stand out from the group and eat ice cream, which he never discovered. He was a pampered child who lived inside his parent's home, even though the parents were long gone. He fell during breakfast trying to get to the last box of cereal at the top of shelf of the kitchen.

I played an 8-year old (something I hadn't done before) named Tommy who wanted to kiss a girl, but suffered from delusions. He lived in an orphanage and escaped into the city wearing a labcoat from the orphanage.

James played Cletus, a 7-year old boy with a penchant for fun.

Highlights of the game include:
Morris was an absolute bully to all the kids.
James grabbed a fistful of quarters from the ashtray of a parked car and some big kids chased us off. James later used those quarters to ride the helicopter ride outside the Wal-Store.
Finally finding a shoe store that only had women's shoes.
The realization that Tommy wasn't from an orphanage but a mental ward. He fell asleep on the ground next to a dead dog at the end of the story.
Jim broke the social contract and had Richard's character die.
The strengths written on the character sheets were extremely creative.

This one a really strong demonstration of the game, overall, but the play style was VERY VERY different from what everyone was used to. Jim expressed interest in playing again sometime and Aaron and I had fun, as always, playing the game.

The size of the group did limit our ability to play to five glory (we stopped at three) in a short amount of time and I'm sure a second playing of the game might change everyone's ability to relate to a game that is so different from the standard non-indie paradigm.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Coil: Playtest

By the end of the week, I will have a working model for a playtest of Coil, my multi-character, macro-style, chapter-drive, urban, social, fantasy (how many more descriptors can I fit here) game.

I would be interested in sitting down with some people to work out the kinks and/or sending out the playtest document.

Of course, I assume the LA crew will want to play it when were done with the present game.

Anyone that would like to look at it, let me know.