Sunday, September 16, 2007

Portland Dogs

I ran Dogs in the Vineyard last night (here in Portland) for a few friends. I'm still up here on vacation, but I'll try to post an actual play in soon.

Complicated story with lots to do.


That Portland Guy said...

The game was at my house, Jim and his wife stayed with us for two days. I was a terrible host, when I wasn't asleep (I work Graveyard) I was sick (feels like Bronchitis). And he wouldn't let me feed him. =(

That Portland Guy said...

Hey Jim... I just spent the day in the hospital. I have pneumonia. Yay for modern medicine, IV antibiotics and inhalers. =) I'm exhausted, but the drugs have made me much more comfortable. Anyhow, I really really hope that you don't get anything from me.