Thursday, November 15, 2007


This cover is one of the best WOTC covers in a long time.
I'm sure the committee machine butchered the original sketch,
but that didn't stop the artist (whoever he/she is)
from making
a kick-ass version of the Marilith.
It has its issues (see below),
but that won't stop me from posting it without permission.

I have no idea who painted it.

WOTC's new monster book is all about Demons, which for my money are inferior to devils. However, a good piece of art, can change a lot. And this one is probably one of the best paintings I've seen in a long time on a WOTC book.

And let me explain why.

While it has its share of compositional and anatomical issues, it attacks the core of a gamer's soul... the cool factor. This is not only a monster you would WANT to fight, because the art is "bitchin'," it's also a monster gamers would want to be.

And I think that speaks to the heart of good gaming art and why bigger budgets always draw in bigger crowds.

Ironically, WOTC is spending more on art for books than TSR did in the 80s, but is selling less than 5% of what TSR was selling then. In a similar twist, video games sell the same amount now that they did 5 years ago, but the cost of producing art for video games has gone up 400%.

One last thing to think about.

Presently 7 Million people play World of Warcraft Online.

In the 80s, at it's peak, 7 Million people played Dungeons and Dragons.

This has nothing to do with the Marilith, but I wasn't in the mood to write up alternate abilities for this art tonight.

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takajose said...

The painting is by Sam Wood. Note the SW in the bottom right corner.