Sunday, December 09, 2007


So. Now that the shock has worn off... what am I doing back at AEG?

Good question Mr. Moderator. Let me try to answer that for everyone (and by everyone I mean the six people, not including my mom, who read this blog).

For starters, I am the Creative Director of AEG. Which could mean a lot of things down the road, but right now it means, I'm the writer/art director on Phase (a new CCG coming out) and the guy you finishes up the Board Games for Marcelo's new Board Game division.

I will have more information in the coming months, as this blog becomes more and more active with news and pictures from the various games we're producing. I still intend to do my own stuff on the side, but I've been swamped the past 6 weeks with work, so I hope the new year brings more energy and structure to my posting schedule.

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