Sunday, December 09, 2007

Demolition Man?!?!

I love Order of the Stick. I love the in-jokes. The story. Most of the characters. And the constant twists and turns that a simple stick figure artist seems to muster from his wacom tablet.

However, I can not abide where this very very very very poor story is going. Are we to believe that Haley, Belkar, and a few sub-characters are going to somehow retake the city from an Army of Hobgoblins, Red Cloak, and Xykon?

I mean, wtf?

I know. Whatever. Sit back and wait. But this is one of the dumbest fiction tropes there are. Just arm the peasants. That'll work. Right? Just send in Steven Segal. That's work. Right?

Name a movie or novel that did this... and was interesting or believable?

Stargate? No.
Mad Max 3? No.
Waterworld? No.
Demolition Man? No.
Ewoks? No.
Seven Samurai? Yes. Especially because this is the very plot of the movie and not some hackneyed attempt to solve a poorly structured plot.

And order of the stick is not Seven Samurai. Not even close.

Btw. I just watched the Golden Compass (damn fine movie/spoiler coming) and near the end (before the monologuing gets really cheesy), there's a fight between nameless guards, a polar bear, a horde of Gyptians, Sam Elliot's rifle, and... children.

And not a single child or Gyptian is hurt. Yet the guards (who outnumber everyone) are killed to a man.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Writing 101: There can be no tension without consequences.

Writing 309: Just because your comic is funny, does not mean that slap-stick plots are.

UPDATE: Go bad guys!

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