Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Movie remakes rarely live up to their potential and a majority of sequels in gaming have failed to be as fun as the original.

Traveler 2300 was no where near as fun as the original, D&D 2nd was riddled with problems (NWP... c'mon!), Top Secret/S.I. was made by people who never played the first one, and Shadowrun has yet to produce a playable version of this incredible game world. Crimson Skies has also suffered from the cool game world, disconnected rules associated with many FASA products.

Nonetheless, here's a short list of games that will always suck money out of my pocket, (unless they use photos for art).

Blood Bowl. While not an RPG, it suffers from edition syndrome and is among my favorite games, ever. The latest edition is easily the best and I always sign up when a league forms, even if people insist on playing with the very very very broken Star Players.
Boothill. Not sure why. Call me nostalgic.
Call of Cthulhu. No brainer.
Car Wars. Tell me again why this game's popularity died?
Cyberpunk 3. Desperately in need of a careful editor (who understands nomenclature), I would love to play this game.
D&D 5th. I think they'll get it right by then. I hope.
Dogs in the Vineyard. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this game?
Earthdawn. I would love to see a version of this game that actually felt like the game world and that addressed the xenophobic and agoraphobic themes in the world, as well as the frontier aspect of the story. It was sad that you weren't really "exploring" in Earthdawn the way that Lewis and Clark did.
Gamma World. I've always wanted to love this game, but if someone did a really smart version of this, perhaps using some of the INDIE design models, I would jump on that grenade.
James Bond. The original by Victory Games is still among one of the best and most underrated RPGs of all time. It's still good by today's standards and it made playing a SuperSpy viable, long before anyone found a way to do it.
Kult. In my top 5 of RPGs. 2nd Edition was ugly and impossible to read, but I still love this game. Dying to play with a smart group again.
Legend of the Five Rings. Of course, I'm biased. I would like to convince Todd that a 4th Edition is needed, with rules for Ji-Samurai, Cinematic, Epic, and Strategic levels of play.
Star Frontiers. See boothill.
Torg 2.0. Also in my top five game pile, I eagerly await this one. In lieu of that, a book that detailed that stuff would be awesome.
Twilight: 2000. Still my favorite RPG. A 3rd edition would taste good right about now (so long as they made is 2010 or something). I actually love the original system, but Spycraft is a good foundation for it.
Underworld. Ray Winninger has made some incredible games, even when his mechanics are ludicrously exponential, I still love playing them.
Warhammer Fantasy. I love what Chris Pramas and Robert Schwalb did with this latest version and would hate to see a new edition, but if they made one, I would be on board.

Anyway. It's late. I can't sleep and here I am rambling about an XMAS wishlist of games that might never be.

Peace, Noel, and all those good feelings you see in the Hallmark store.

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