Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The City of Coil I

There are three people I know of who can vouch for this story.

Mike Mearls, Erik Yaple, and John Zinser.

But almost seven years ago I came up with the idea for DUNGEONPUNK, a fantasy world dipped in the social fabric of post-modern America, but without all of the technology associated with it. The world would be filled with impossibly dark and forbodding cities, ruled by powerful guilds seeking to soldify their power in a world overrun by corruption and bureaucracy at the same time.

While all of the adventure tropes of a typical D&D world would still exist in DUNGEONPUNK, the social make-up of the city/political side of gaming would be very very different. Even currency wouldn't have the same power it has in a traditional D&D game.

I can't say for certain that I'm the "originator" of such an idea. But seven years ago, this was WAY ahead of the curve.

I am presently working on a new D&D campaign for some new friends set in the city of COIL, admist the backdrop of a DUNGEONPUNK setting. I'll be posting ideas and NPCs over the course of the next fews weeks. Feel free to chime in with any ideas at all.

This is going to be fun.