Friday, April 06, 2007

there is something seriously wrong with me...

Because no matter how much I can't stand the motivational poster thread, I keep going back. Don't assume anything by what I just wrote. It's not that the people are horrible or anything like that. But none of the posters are funny anymore. None of them follow the actual cadence of a motivational poster. And none of them are anything more than a recycled image of something semi-cool/funny/retarded.

The cats and guns jokes really need to go.

Of course, I'm not the core audience, so maybe I need to shut-up.

The thread stopped being hilarious about 20,000 posts ago. And (I even commented on there once about it), there's really only ONE post that I've read that followed the "principles" of a motivational poster.

And it was very funny.

I know this is lame to rant about this. I get it. I think it was funny when it started, but I keep getting sucked back into that damned site (it's my fault) and everytime I get tricked into thinking something funny will appear.

And it never does.

Sigh. Insert cliched joke about fumbling at something.

And then ignore me while I go back to writing something less important for some other blog.

EDIT: This was too funny to pass up.

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