Saturday, April 14, 2007

City of Coil: Game Day I

Week One
We played our first session -- set in the City of Coil -- on Saturday.

And while the tone wasn't as dark as I'd hoped, we had a LOT of fun. Lots of laughing... too many Seinfeld moments.

No plot yet... at least nothing they know of.

We played through about 5 or 6 days of the characters lives... very different characters, too. Very difficult to justify them hanging together everyday (well Zaeph and Chloe have great reasons to hang out with one another, once or twice a day; and soon Amara will have a reason to see Zaeph, everyday).

Apparently, a fourth player will eventually show up who isn't playing a "funny" character. So around that time, we may have to shift style a little, with more potential plots showing up.

Great first 6 hours, though.

Good material to build from. Lots of ideas.

Items of Note
Poor people with bedrashes, black lung, and all kinds of minor problems that Zaeph can't solve.

The Church charges for healing, so poor people tend to die from simple problems.

The guilds are a miasma of bureaucracy. Bigger than I imagined.

The guard and witch watch have a lot of potential.

Once I get started doing a cockney accent for the NPCs, it's hard to stop.