Thursday, May 03, 2007

City of Coil VII: The Districts

Coil is made up of 18 or 19 districts (depending on your point of view), with Districts 7 and 8 sharing the honors of being both the largest districts and the central hub of the city. District 19 is unpatrolled and left to vagrants. Three more districts exist outside the city walls, but these too are unpatrolled and are nothing more than degenerating levels of shanty towns fighting over the garbage.

The higher the number, generally, the dirtier and poorer the neighborhood. The slang for poverty throughout the city is "living in the 19" or "he only has 19 silver."

While the elite name their districts, regions, suburbs, and neighborhoods with fantastic descriptions, the poor generally refer to the block they live on and that's about it. As such, there are numerous Death Alleys, Hell's Kitchens, Skid Rows, and Torturers' Ways.

Because we have played two sessions now without a map, it's time to make one. Since I am at work, this is the best I'm going to be able to make in Adobe Illustrator for the time being. Please ignore the garish colors. This was done quickly.

Ugh. I'm already embarrassed.