Wednesday, May 09, 2007

City of Coil VIII: Church and State



God of Everything

God of the Sky and the Sea

God of Eternity and Nothingness

God of Birth and Death

God of Now and Forever

God of Honor and Valor

He is the beginning and the end.

He is the King of all Kings and the Leader of all Faiths.

Those that walk in his shadow shall never fear. Those that stand beside him shall always know righteousness.

Those that oppose him shall die a thousand times in the flames of eternal betrayal.

Cerul. God of Gods. Lord of Lords. Master of all.

The Church
It is one thing to spout religious dogma and force others to adhere to your faith. The Church of Cerul is a mixture of acolytes, believers, non-believers, bishops, bureaucrats, cardinals, clerics, evangelists, ladder-climbers, missionaries, nuns, paladins, priests, proselytizers, scholars, and thugs, xenophobes.

Some believe everything they are saying. Most use the voice of the church to extend their power. Instead of healing the sick, clerics expect a tithe for their services. Instead of feeding the hungry, the clergy asks for absolute faith. Instead of righting the injustice, the church has is just another coil in a city ripe with power. What should be the most influential and most power arm of the city, is just another guild, looking for handouts.

Cerulean Orders
There are those, in the church, who serve higher aims. And there are those who serve selfish aims. The Cerulean Orders serve both.

Paladins hunting down heretics and defilers serve Cerul with absolute faith. Cardinals bargain favors with inner circle members, extending the power of the church.

There are orders dedicated to everything from ridding the world of disease to feeding all the animals to making sure the sun rises and sets each day. All of these orders have sacred rites and rituals that only the most devote know about... only the most influential can attain.

Think of the best and worst features of the Catholic Church -- amplified -- and you've got it.

Religious Holidays
Every seventh day is a day of rest. Every first day of a season is a holiday. Every saint has a day of the year associated with him or her. And everything has meaning.

I did a lot of work on the church for Raavnia and I don't have it in me right now to brainstorm too much more about Coil's faith.