Monday, May 28, 2007

Kubla Con Report

As is typical in the gaming industry -- certainly as my experience goes -- my events (all four of them) did not appear in the onsite catalog for the convention, rooms were not provided for my games, and a badge was not there.

I stopped helping my local convention years ago because of these sort of rampent errors. I've made numerous posts about these kinds of stories and it is the scourge of nearly every volunteer organization that someone falls through the cracks in this manner.

The fact that it happens to me more than 50% of the time is probably indicative of the state of work ethics in California, but that's a dicussion for another time.

What's fascinating about this passed weekend's endeavors is that someone actually took ownership of the problem... someone actually admited fault... someone actually... gasp... apologized.

Now. Japji (owner of the con) may be one of the nicest people in gaming. He's amazingly humane and caring... and generally the exact opposite of me when it comes to deportment and manners.

He's the mother theresa of con owners.

Brian, the head of RPGs, actually came down, apologized, and then after finding out who I was, made every effort he could to correct the situation.

He bent over backwards for me.

And while I only ran two games instead of four, it was still a great compromise and I was absolutely speechless. I've never seen such dedicated service (I just bought a new car and I didn't get treated this well)... and I've certainly never witnessed it in the gaming industry.

The rest of the con was amazing as well. Well-attended. Well-organized. Well-behaved.

Not sure what that last one means.


Just amazing.

Okay. I've apparently worn out my adjectives.

Kubla Con gets an A+++ (or whatever grade people are giving stuff on ebay these days) for effort and an A for execution.


Expect me to continue attending what I consider to be the best con on the West coast.