Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out of a Job

James Wyatt write about 4E
The reason there's a "sweet spot" in the current game is that it's the approximate range of levels where, purely by coincidence, the math of the system actually works. In those levels, PCs don't drop after one hit, and they don't take a dozen hits to wear down. In those levels, characters miss monsters occasionally, but less than half the time, and monsters miss characters only slightly more often. It's pure chance, really, but it means the game is fun. Outside of those levels, the math doesn't work that way, and the game stops being fun.
If a game designer, anywhere in the world, wrote these words about his game, he should be out of a job. I am flummoxed that Hasbro still allows this game to see print.

MOOD: Shaking Head.

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