Monday, March 24, 2008

Vampire: Requiem

We are running a short campaign of Vampire (until D&D comes out or something). The game is set in Los Angeles, with all of the characters living near or on the UCLA campus.

We are starting very slowly, trying to learn the system and the environment (two of the players are new and I have to forget 15 years of Vampire lore).

The first session involved an old man (Demetrius) in a house in Westwood, lying in a bed, in an attic, with a tent to help him "breathe" (part of his dementia is that he believes he still needs to breathe). A 200-year old Greek (turned at the age of 70), he has been an important, but frail component in the Carthian movement in Los Angeles for over 50 years. Having amassed some wealth before his embrace, he was able to sustain a good life for himself as a kindred.

However, he is tired of the cycle and had decided to pass on his power to three new Vampires (enter the players), who consumed his essence and became powerful vampires (more than just low-level neonates). They also consumed a great deal of his memories, and acquired his diary.

The vampires have also acquired the modest, but well-protected home that Demetrius built as his haven.

After the game, we spent about an hour making characters and getting into the swing of how the game will go.

End Session One.

Players: Richard, Joel, Aaron.
Clans: Daeva, Mekhet, Ventrue
Covenant: Nothing yet, but the Carthians are their first connection.

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