Friday, April 18, 2008

Vampire: Requiem -- Part Two A

James joined the group, playing an Invictus Ventrue (a specific Bloodline in fact, that I do not wish to divulge), spawned by Wolfram himself (see previous post). As the PCs tried calculated the relevance of the Carthians in light of "recent events."

Bjorn (James' character) is stoic and reserved. He's also a plotter. He is certainly seeing the bigger picture, while the PCs scramble about, trying to play D&D instead of vampire.


Anyway. At the moment, the 20 remaining vampires in the city are grabbing up resources as quickly as possible. Only Wolfram and his crew seem unaffected by the events.

Some Interesting Events
The Carthian HQ have been ransacked and everything burned.
Efran's gambling addiction spun out of control in session four and he's turned to stealing from everyone to pay off debts (he's pretty lazy).
Bianca has killed Efran in session five after the PCs failed to intervene.
Guy Chenier has bargained a favor from Paula (Wolfram's right hand) in order to return Davidon to the city (4) and now needs the PCs to escort Davidon back (5).
Wolfram and Camelio seem to have a tenuous alliance at the moment.
Razor and Treska also seem to be working together.
Vasya displayed power (5) that are inexplicable.
Two PCs (Bjorn and Byron) crashed Etienne's hedonistic party after calling a number in Demetrius' old book.
Iro Giovanni and Gregory McMillian are AWOL
The Rossini sisters are cooking up something, having secret meetings
In five sessions, four vampires are dead. The PCs have been "alive" for a week and a half. Jeffrey is having nightmares of some kind.
Byron and Michael continue to debate their role in the city.
Michael has hit a snag in his "floral district" search. Someone has sent him a warning.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vampire: Requiem -- Part One

After the first three sessions, the city of Los Angeles is in a sad state.

But before I get ahead of myself, let's see how we got here.

In the 1940s, as the depression was winding down, two vampires -- Wolfram (a German Ventrue) and Demetrius (a Greek Mekhet) made their way to Los Angeles, where only two other vampires held sway -- Donna and Novella Rossini. Thinking themselves austere members of the ruling Hollywood elite, the two fashioned themselves a domain out of South Pasadena, where the entertained lavish parties for decades.

But without competition, their thirst waned and Wolfram and Demetrius quickly absorb most of the city. The two built an empire, etching their names into the framework of the city, alongside Mulholland and all the others. As time passed, the two became synonymous with the city, bringing more and more powerful kindred into the fold.

Fast forward to the 1980s, with over 20 vampires in the city, competition grew, while many vampires grew comfortable with meager slices of cake. Most, (like Wolfram) wanted more.

And so began the divide.

The Carthians and Invictus drew lines in the sand, each destined to claim Los Angeles as a haven for equality or tyranny (respectively). Demetrius and Wolfram found themselves on opposite sides of the political divide. While still remaining friends, the two found themselves "leading" two disparate movements. Always careful to keep the power balance in check, other covenants were invited into the city.

The Ordo Dracul did not heed the call, and the Crones and Lancea Sanctum found themselves at odds, almost instantly. But the end of the 20th century, the Longinus order found itself beaten back to San Diego, unable to maintain a foothold in the city.

Fast forward again. This time, to 2008. Demetrius has grown tired. He has slumber many times since being sired in the mid-1800s. Having been embraced as a 70-year old man, his body never really achieved the level of potency it should have. Scheming to continue his plans for the Carthians and bid farewell to his long-time friend, Demetrius offered a bargain with his long-time friend and rival, Wolfram, and added three new vampires to the movement (under Miranda Divan's tutelage).

Enter the PCs, unwitting dupes from the UCLA landscape and the new children of the aging and soon to be consumed Demetrius. Long story shot (if that's possible now), Jeffrey, Byron, and Mike did not enter into a typical contract for unlife, nor did they become vampires the normal way.

Not that they know what the normal way is.

Indicating that something is/was amiss.

Over the course of their first week of unlife, they went through a series of hurdles that could have been avoided had people been more honest with them. Instead, they were brought before the kindred of Los Angeles at a meeting in Glendale (late sunday at the Forest Lawn mortuary) and presented in an almost half-cocked attempt to honor Demetrius' wishes.

By the end of the evening, the following happened.
  • A land-grab for power began (with two Crone at the head).
  • The PCs witnessed the diablerie of Demetrius' "daughter" at the hands of Donna Rossini.
  • Chaos, general
  • Lukacs (a local Daeva artist) attempted to kill Jeffrey, only to be pounded into meat by Paula Sibrias-White, the Invictus Warden.
  • Miranda Divan was escorted out of sight by Wolfram (head of the Invictus) and Camelio Constantin (head of the Circle of the Crone).
The PCs are now on their own, as Part Two of our chronicle begins.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Aaron, Yun, and I played this game twice tonight. The second game included the polar bear and 2 Square expansions (for zebra, flamingos, and elephants -- why those animals I will never know).

Great game.

Aaron won game one. I won game two.

The game is reminiscent of Medici (without a lot of the book-keeping). Faster and cleaner, actually. Which is weird, because Medici is among my favorite Reiner games, but this game takes what Reiner did and streamlines it.

More family friendly, I guess.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tomb Board Game (at the printers)

Here's some pictures of the box.

Here's the official site.

Here's some news about its release.

The game is at the printers and we are really excited to have this game coming out. The team will (most likely) demo the game at the local con Memorial weekend. News is forthcoming at GAMA. And we'll certainly have lots to show off at GenCon.

It retails for $60.00, despite previous ads to the contrary.