Friday, April 18, 2008

Vampire: Requiem -- Part Two A

James joined the group, playing an Invictus Ventrue (a specific Bloodline in fact, that I do not wish to divulge), spawned by Wolfram himself (see previous post). As the PCs tried calculated the relevance of the Carthians in light of "recent events."

Bjorn (James' character) is stoic and reserved. He's also a plotter. He is certainly seeing the bigger picture, while the PCs scramble about, trying to play D&D instead of vampire.


Anyway. At the moment, the 20 remaining vampires in the city are grabbing up resources as quickly as possible. Only Wolfram and his crew seem unaffected by the events.

Some Interesting Events
The Carthian HQ have been ransacked and everything burned.
Efran's gambling addiction spun out of control in session four and he's turned to stealing from everyone to pay off debts (he's pretty lazy).
Bianca has killed Efran in session five after the PCs failed to intervene.
Guy Chenier has bargained a favor from Paula (Wolfram's right hand) in order to return Davidon to the city (4) and now needs the PCs to escort Davidon back (5).
Wolfram and Camelio seem to have a tenuous alliance at the moment.
Razor and Treska also seem to be working together.
Vasya displayed power (5) that are inexplicable.
Two PCs (Bjorn and Byron) crashed Etienne's hedonistic party after calling a number in Demetrius' old book.
Iro Giovanni and Gregory McMillian are AWOL
The Rossini sisters are cooking up something, having secret meetings
In five sessions, four vampires are dead. The PCs have been "alive" for a week and a half. Jeffrey is having nightmares of some kind.
Byron and Michael continue to debate their role in the city.
Michael has hit a snag in his "floral district" search. Someone has sent him a warning.

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