Friday, April 11, 2008


Aaron, Yun, and I played this game twice tonight. The second game included the polar bear and 2 Square expansions (for zebra, flamingos, and elephants -- why those animals I will never know).

Great game.

Aaron won game one. I won game two.

The game is reminiscent of Medici (without a lot of the book-keeping). Faster and cleaner, actually. Which is weird, because Medici is among my favorite Reiner games, but this game takes what Reiner did and streamlines it.

More family friendly, I guess.


qualistarian said...

I actually don't love it (which is surprising, because how do you not love a game with tri-gendered panda bears?), mainly because I don't think it gains that much over Coloretto. It uses the same basic mechanic, and while there is some more long-term strategy involved, I think the additional complexity hurts the game rather than helping it. If you haven't played Coloretto yet, I highly recommend it - it could very well be the most fun 15 minutes a person can spend outside of bed.

jim pinto said...

I have not played Coloretto. I will add it to the list. I knew it was the same team

Have you played Medici?

Zooloretto (more successful in Europe than Coloretto) borrows heavily from everything I like about Medici.

I agree that Zooloretto gets repetitive, but there's some strategy in there that I really like.