Sunday, June 22, 2008

Board Games at AEG

I am presently leading the charge on three separate board games. They will all be out by the end of the year (Tomb and Art of War are at the printers now).

And I'm anxious to talk about them.

Sadly, I cannot.

However, I'm willing to share rules and cool stuff with anyone who wants to fill out an NDA.

Let me know if you'd like to playtest and/or be involved.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Funny Gaming Story

It was 1990. Torg had just released. We were in college playing the Possibility Chalice Trilogy (among on the best published adventures ever)... part two or three, I think. A new player had joined, playing a core earth human (the rest of us were really wacky characters).

At one point, we had to determine what he knew about vampires. So, living in the college dorms, the GM took the player into the hallway and asked the first person he saw, what do you know about vampires.

That ended up being what the character knew.

I always thought that was an extremely cool way to deal with "character knowledge."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Board Game Geek

I cannot say enough good things about this site.

It has everything. Even if you need a rules translation, it's there.

I bought DON from a supplier in Germany (shipping was twice the price of the game) and it arrived without a rules translation. I searched online at Queen Games and then gave up. I tried google. And gave up. Then I remembered that Board Game Geek sometimes has stuff like this.

And what do you know... not only do they have English rules, but they have French and a xls file that breaks down care distribution. I don't need it, but it's amazing how much people will support a smart little game like this, even when their only rating it at a 6.3.

I think this game is a 9 out of 10... and I can play it over and over again.

If someone took this mechanic and attached a real theme and a few more steps... this could be a home run.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After months of waiting, it's finally here.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Eric Wujcik

Eric passed away.

I consider him my friend.

He certainly meant a lot to me and I will remember everything he taught.

Sang-gye nam la kyab su chi

Friday, June 06, 2008

Vampire: Sangiovanni Discipline

Bloodlines: the Chosen is among the poorer products put out for the Requiem line. Without going into too much detail, the poor attention to detail, graphic and typographic errors, weird concepts, and fan-based submissions all combine to make this product less than useful.

That sad, there are some good bloodlines in there. The work is find the nuggets of good and making them stand out.

My two favorite are the Baddacelli (blind Nosferatu) and the Sangiovanni (based on the Giovanni from previous editions, and one my favorite then). Previously using a magic-like ability called Necromancy, they now use a discipline called Cattiveria, meaning wickedness. Thematically interesting and poorly developed in its mechanics, the discipline is getting a severe rewrite from me for my campaign.

Below are my notes.
• Mortician's Appraisal
Does not change

•• Restful Slumber
This power reflects the calm with which Sangiovanni rest. During the day, so long as the Kindred rests in soil or a coffin lined with soil, he rests perfectly and without pause. He awakens refreshed regardless of event and can even awaken from a state of near Torpor. So long as the Kindred has a single point of vitae, he can wake by spending two willpower instead of blood. In addition, if he does not spend Willpower to awaken, his Willpower is fully restored each Night, regardless of event. Nothing short of the most powerful rituals can undo this.

Lastly, the Sangiovanni are less unnerved by the presence of the obscene and foul. The Nosferatu aura of menace does not repulse them, nor do they find it uncomfortable.

••• Shuffling Porter
Same as the book, except increase all Physical Attributes to 2.

•••• Breath of Ash
Same as Predator's Bequest, except that it is at a very short range (no need to touch) and the Kindred can use Intelligence or Dexterity as the base for the roll.

••••• Soul Jar (Needs a name)
The Sangiovanni can actually take the soul of a recently deceased person and put in into a receptical. I don't have mechanics yet, but it won't matter if only the NPCs use this one. This ties into Iro Giovanni's story in the previous arc of my Los Angeles Chronicle.

XBox Commercial

Funny and you learn something.