Sunday, February 03, 2008

Looking for Group?

So. In less than a month I've encounter... "interesting" drama amidst my gaming groups. The previous incident was posted just a little while ago.

But the new one... well... I'm not even involved in it. I won't mention names, but it's an interesting scenario. Which leads me to an interesting conclusion... that perhaps my previous assessment to hangup my "roleplaying" hat is not too far off course.

The Facts:
  • RPGs require a great deal of set-up time and too many "contracts."
  • RPGs have too many splinted "factions" of fan, thus making it difficult to align tastes.
  • Few of my friends have time for gaming.
  • As a result, their "fun" time is limited.
  • Board games and video games provide immediate gratification.
  • Games like WoW and Halo provide 75% of gamers with their "combat" needs on a level that D&D cannot.
I'm curious to watch this trend through 2008. But it would be sad to see my RPG gaming going out with a wimper, instead of a bang.

More news after the local game convention, where I'm sure to get doses of RPGs, LARPs, and Board Games into my malnourished system.