Friday, January 30, 2009

Haranshire Burns : Round One

In a move that I can only call the most obnoxious attempt to absolutely decimate the quality of a campaign, two of the three PCs in the group took it upon themselves to open the magically warded box that they were carrying to Tauster.

Fifteen tavern patrons lie dead and their equipment is decimated. The wizard has no spellbook and the entire town suspects their implication in the act. Having introduce a party of four adventurers looking for work, it won't take long to have the PCs facing down the other party in a future stalemate.

What boggles my mind the most about playing with 2/3rd of this group… is this:

Why spend HOURS learning all the rules and making your characters, just to avoid using things like detect magic at key moments in the adventure? Or avoiding key decisions. I just don't get it.

While this seriously sets them back and possibly stops them from doing half the cool stuff that is present in the book, this is hurts them more than it hurts me.

In short, explosive runes did 27 points of damage to two 2nd level characters and a room full of commoners.


I've now bent the bleeding to death rules TWICE for the party members in order to keep them alive in situations that should have killed them.

Not sure how to move forward running for this group.


HaVoCLaD said...

Do you know what they were hoping to accomplish by opening it?

Had they been told not to? By someone they trust?

Opening an unknown important item in public does sound risky due to the threat of theft if nothing else. :)

jim pinto said...

In order:

They were attempting to be stupid.

A high-level wizard (the elf's master) gave him the box and said take this to ANOTHER high level master (Tauster) far away.

Do not open it is implicitly implied, if nothing else. Examining it with detect magic (when you're first/second level) is also a dumb thing to do.

Turning my campaign into keystone cappers is, however, the lowest point on this food chain of bad ideas.