Monday, February 02, 2009

Eternal Sonata : Opening Narrative

I want to point out that I've never played this game, but it might interest you to know that the following dialog takes over FOUR minutes for the narrator to get through.

That's a slow opening scene.

Just saying.
Now we see various views of the town of Tenuto, an idyllic village that overlooks a bay, blessed with beautiful flowers. A narrator begins the tale.

Narrator: The rippling surface of flowing water transforms the soft light of the morning sun. The beams combine, becoming a spotlight that paints the stage.

The flowers awaiting the curtain's rise display faces of bright red and brilliant yellow. They turn their ears to listen to the performance that is about to begin.

Accompanied by the gentle rhythm of a babbling brook, the birds begin to sing.

Meanwhile, a mischievous sea breeze causes a rustling amidst the leaves of the trees, disrupting the concert.

It is a familiar scene. One that has unfolded every morning since the beginning of time.

And even now, the daily overture continues, its delicate, perfect balance, never faltering, never changing.

In the midst of this joyous orchestration, at the center of the morning's discordant musical performance, lies a small village, nestled deep in the wood.

The name of the village is Tenuto. It sits atop a hill which overlooks the coastline. In fact, the town is only about four miles from the sea.

Tenuto is very lucky in this regard. For the town enjoys a wonderful cool breeze, and a view that is nothing short of amazing.

And then, there are the flowers. They seem to blossom almost everywhere in the town.

They paint the landscape with color as far as the eye can see. And they are the reason Tenuto is also known by another name: the "village of flowers."

There is a harbor town at the foot of a hill, that can be seen from Tenuto. When night falls, the lights from the town shine like diamonds..

And open the hearts of those who gaze upon their illustrious splendor.

Under normal circumstances, one might expect to find a bustling shopping district for tourists in a village as beautiful as this one.

However, no such shops are to be found. Not here.

In fact, the village is quite calm. Almost strangely quiet.

It is a place that exudes a peaceful tranquility. A tranquility that further increases its allure, as well as its mystery.

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