Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haranshire Five : The Gleaming Glade

Micha is leaving the group and moving back to SLO. David is nearly impossible to game with, so I think the group is a bust.

As such, today's post about last week's game should go quickly.

The group advanced through the Hardlow Wood, north, avoiding every detail I placed before them. Tracks. Noises. Worgs following them.It's as though, a totally new group showed up and decided not to get into trouble.

Aaron (the Druid) decided to hold back and investigate the worgs (thinking them dire wolves). He in turn, spoke Sylvan with the worgs and then cast speak with animals. Despite the fact that they are magical beasts, I allowed it. Aaron learned a great deal about the infighting going on in the wood and about the gleaming glade, which the worgs offered to escort him to, if he promised to do something about the orcs, hobgoblins, and gnolls fighting for territory in the world.

Pretty cool scene, actually.

After two more days of travel (described in detail by yours truly), the PCs arrived in an obviously blasted and dying portion of the forest. The worgs said they would go no further and told the PCs to follow the gouge of earth until it reached the glade.

Fast forward to the PCs ignoring the strange lights at midnight which were obviously the gleaming glade, the next evening proved to be more interesting as the impending doom/fear/evil of the region began to resonate. Aaron and David failed their Will saves, fleeing from the area, while Micha's dwarf stayed to watch over the two remaining pilgrims who studied the land. Eventually, the second pilgrim also fled, leaving Miritz and Eithana to guard watch the glade.

In a style befitting Kubrick, a strange obelisk/cenotaph appeared, gleaming and glowing with an evil white light. From a mile away, the other PCs watched. Unable to see any shapes, other than the light, the two were allowed to begin racing back to the stone (giving them 20 rounds to get there — I was generous).

Eithana touched the stone and immediately her form began to disolve away, leaving a wight where a woman once stood. A long and deadly fight later, Miritz was nearly dead and too stupid to run away, while Tsool and Evo ran as fast as they could, still a few rounds from reaching the clearing.

Miritz died from Con drain (I don't do negative energy levels, those suck) and five rounds later stood up to fight, but by this point the wight was engaged with the druid and mage who used ineffectual tactics to fight the beast. Now. Granted, I gave it a lot of hit points, some anti-paladin levels, and a 16-point touch attack smite that worked different from its drain, making it very very very tough to fight. But the PCs, did fight it for a long time, failing many rolls and doing over 90 points of damage to it (it was a 8HD, 96hp wight).

However, the wight had other objectives and I didn't have it fight the PCs every round.

Sadly, Miritz was in the fight now and soon Irmalak would be dead, also returning as a wight. Yes. At one point, two PCs fought against three wights.

I'd never seen anything like it before.

And instead of running, they continued to put themselves in harm's way.

The fight ended with the larger of the wight's getting away and the smaller two dying at the hand's of the PCs. Technically, Evo should have died, but since I was being generous all around, I let it go.

Although, it did give me a great idea of an undead campaign.

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