Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Last Starfighter

My wife was not born in this country and so there's certain things she doesn't know about.

She never saw the abyssmal Battle Beyond the Stars. Didn't know what the Transformers were until the night the movie came out. Doesn't understand why I turn into a 12-year old kid when the mention of GI Joe comes up. And she's never heard of the Last Starfighter.

I have told her the plot and she got excited.

And I did mention that when she's hanging around nerds, she can fit in just fine by asking about this movie… and she's sure to get more information than she could have hoped for.


Louis Porter Jr. said...

Getting a new covert is all ways a fun thing!

jim pinto said...

She's not a gamer, man. She laughs at my D&D stories and begs me to shut up about GI Joe.