Friday, March 27, 2009

Ultimate Toolbox : Freestuff (Military Honors)

Military Honors 1
1. Bravery Medal
2. Bronze (Lion) Medallion
3. Captain's Honor
4. Cardinal's Prize
5. Cavalier's Star
6. Chancellor's Favor
7. Chivalric Decoration
8. [City's Name] Cross or Star
9. Civic Crown
10. Commander's Pin or Shield
11. Commendation of Heroism
12. Courage of the Wolf Award
13. Cross of War
14. Distinguished Command Cross
15. Distinguished Service Award
16. [Division Name] Medal
17. [General's Name] Medal
18. Gold Crest
19. Hero of [Nation Name] Medal
20. Honor of the Crown Medal

Military Honors 2
1. Honorable Conduct Medal
2. The Iron Hammer
3. [King's Name] Medal
4. King's Pride
5. King's War Cross
6. Knight's Cross
7. Legionnaire's Service Medal
8. Mark of the King's Champion
9. [Medal for Long Service]
10. [Medal for Serving in a Specific Campaign]
11. Medal of Chivalry
12. Medal of Valor
13. Medal of [Year]
14. Medallion of Bravery
15. Mercenary's Medal
16. Military Cross
17. [Military Funeral and/or Memorial]
18. [Military Order]
19. [National Holiday]
20. [Ovation]

Military Honors 3
1. The Queen's Blessing
2. Paladin's Cross
3. [Parade]
4. Prince [Prince's Name] Honor
5. Ring of the Prince
6. Royal Star of Courage
7. Sigil of Loyalty
8. Squire's Medallion
9. [Statue and/or Memorial Statue]
10. Star of Gallantry
11. Star of The King's Champion
12. Templar's Favor
13. [Tomb]
14. Uncommon Service Award
15. Volunteer's Medal
16. [Victory Title]
17. War Honor Cross for Heroism
18. War Merit Cross
19. [Weapon]
20. Wound Badge

Military Orders
1. House Order of the Honor Cross
2. Military Order of the Lion
3. Order of the Black Eagle
4. Order of [Color]
5. Order of the Crown
6. Order of [Diety's Name]
7. Order of the Garter
8. Order of [General's Name]
9. Order of the Griffon
10. Order of [King's Name] Crown
11. Order of the King
12. Order of [King's Name]
13. Order of the Prince
14. Order of the Queen
15. Order of the Red Eagle
16. Order of the Titan
17. Order of the White Lion
18. Royal House Order of [Name]
19. Royal Order
20. Royal Order of the Queen

Victory Titles
1. Champion of the [Battle or Place Name]
2. Defender of the [Place Name]
3. Dominator of [Enemy Name]
4. Earl
5. Gatekeeper of [Siege Name]
6. Guardian of the Throne
7. Hunter of the [Beast Name]
8. Hammer of the [Nation Name]
9. Lord of [Place Name]
10. Keeper of [Ideal]
11. King's Champion
12. Knight of Renown
13. Overseer
14. Paladin of [Ideal]
15. Prince
16. Sentinel of [Place Name]
17. Siegebreaker
18. Scion of [Ideal]
19. Warden of the [People]
20. Watcher of the [Place Name]

* In nearly every instance, Crown, King, Queen, Prince, and Throne are interchangeable.

** Ideals are associated with what made the victor famous (courage, purity, valor, etc.)


dave said...

Hey Jim,

Are these free ones available to incorporate into web-based random generators? I run Abulafia, and would like to add some of this into existing generators (like the Fantasy Military Hero or Secret Society Title generators) and/or make new generators based on what you've shared here. Abulafia operates under a CC-Attribution license, if that makes any difference. Let me know if you're amenable.

Dave Younce

jim pinto said...

Dave Younce?

From story games?


Haha. Sure man. Take 'em. I wrote them, so give me credit.