Sunday, April 05, 2009

Industry Gamers

I've been designing and writing in the industry since 1996, when I started on Shadis magazine. Come GENCON, that will be 13 years of work.

Crap. That long?

In that time, I've worked with only a small percentage of the people I'd really like to do projects with. And some of the people I HAVE worked with, I'd like to work with again. So, in no particular order (other than alphabetical), is a list of people I'd love to do something with. Anything really.

Drew Baker. I think I bug Drew once a month to do something together. He's so damn lazy.
Wolfgang Baur. I think Wolfgang's present book line series is absolutely brilliant. I'd kill to do the graphics on one.
Jon Hodgson. We already did George's Children together, but Jon and I get along so well, there are about 20 games we could develop together with his art range.
Michael Kaluta. Comic book, game, whatever. Anything he wanted, really.
James Lowder. Technically doing something now, but I'd rather do a book series of some kind.
Craig Maher. See my notes on Drew Baker.
Raven J. Mimura. Raven and I were supposed to do a card game together years ago. He's among my favorite people and my favorite artists. Damn we'd make a good team as the leads on a vampire game.
Jason Morningstar. One of the most talented designers in the industry.
William O'Connor. One of my best friends. I miss you, man.
Chris Pramas. Another great friend. I think Chris and I would have fun making a modern cyberpunk meets psionics game.
Klaus Scherwinski. I'd kill to find a project his art WOULDN'T be perfect for.
Robert K. Schwalb. One of the best writers on the WLD, I will say this again. Robert and I would have made a great team for the design of 4th edition. That was before it came out the way it did. We talked about this briefly in 2005, but he had to go and make money on important stuff.
Mark Smylie. I won't stop pitching my comic book idea to Mark.

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