Friday, July 17, 2009

Gaming Night

One of the players couldn't make it last night, so the remaining four of us played a few board games.

Don. A bidding game by Queen's Game. I think I've talked about this game before. While RA is the king of bidding games, this one is a very close heir to the throne. A lot of people don't like it because once you're behind you stay behind, but I think if all the players know that, bidding becomes more aggressive.

God Dice. We've played this one quite a bit before. It's a nice distraction of a gladitorial game. It's kind of like Yahtzee with violence. I actually hate to admit that I like it, considering how simple it is. My biggest complaint is the component quality. Someone spent good money on art and graphics, but not on typesetting, dice, or dice symbols. I can imagine how this happened, because I know the nature of deadlines in the industry... but it's still kind of a bummer. I'm also confused why they ordered a separate piece for the cover. With six expertly painted characters inside the box, the cover could have been a gorgeous collage.

Shadows over Camelot. Two of the players had never played before. And because I demo games like I learn them (by just digging in and playing), there might have been some confusion. However, we finished a four-player game in one hour... an unheard of feat. We didn't play with a traitor, since it was their first game, but we'll rectify that next time.

10 Days in the USA. Everyone knows this game. A quick little rummy-style geography game. I won. And rather quickly, I might add.

We stopped playing at 1130pm, but talked for another hour before going home. And Jason said he had to work.... whatever.

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