Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight 2000

Westen joined the group and the twilight team last night. He's playing an Irish Medic/Chaplain.

The team has also reached a critical moment in their attempt to escape Poland. Nearing the city of Weiland, the team has reached a small contingent of Russian soldiers repairing the road and bridges near the Warta River, along with a garrison of soldiers inside the village.

We only got to play for three hours, because of timing, but the entire game was spent trying to figure out how to repair the jeep they have and/or steal a Russian jeep. They are dangerously low on fuel, food, and morale. They are out of MRE, only have a few potatoes left, and four cans of peaches remain in their stores. The Land Rover has bald tires, and is out of fuel, with a small crack in the fuel tank, which is soldered now... but another hard bump is going to crack it open again.

The team is in bad shape, less than 30km from Kepno — a city where they believe Americans are hiding out — low on supplies, tired, and deep into several plot threads. They just don't realize it.

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