Thursday, November 12, 2009

L5R RPG Campaign : The Cast

Presently, I am running a Jade Magistrates campaign, where the five players are all "elite" samurai, working to subdue or otherwise cover-up nastiness that takes place in the empire. Shadowlands-related rumors, heinous murders, and superstitions all fall under their pervue. Presently, they are wrapped up in a couple of plots — the most important of them being a plot about a dead Otomo found on the edge of the Unicorn lands.

Because no one in the game has a good (or memorable) character name, I will merely list everyone by Player name and Clan/Family.

Aaron is the defacto leader, with a higher status that everyone else. His character is a Yoritomo courtier (weird, I know) and married to a Miya who objects heavily to their marriage. She openly detests his presence in her home and maintains her own wing of the estate.

Collin is playing an Akodo Strategist. He loves sake and is presently involved in a pretty dark story about his spirit being "fractured" after a horrible ritual.

James is playing a Moto Bushi completely devoid of tact. His viewpoint on bushido is always refreshing and eye-opening. He has taken a teenage peasant under his wing as a groom for his horse and armor. However, recently the young man (Juni) spoke up inappropriately and was sent home to his mother to learn his place.

Jason is playing a Bayushi Scout with limited political skill and a family struggling to reassert itself in court.

Weston is playing a Kitsuki Investigator with his own eta attendent. Although last session he was very tired, Weston's character is the only one asking important questions that typical samurai would never ask.

Story-wise, the characters are in a deep-deep pit of trouble. And when I can, I will post updates of their progress.


Eli_Courtwright said...

This sounds really interesting and I'd love to keep reading about this campaign. I love hearing about how other people run L5R, since it's such a rich setting with so many possibilities of play style and character ideas and adventure concepts.

I ran a 5-year campaign (really a series of campaigns with the same characters) that lasted all the way through college, and I recently finished a similar 3-year series-of-campaigns and have started another campaign.

So as a fellow GM I'd love to hear some of the things that you're doing in your campaign so I can shamelessly swipe some of your ideas :)

jim pinto said...

Well then. I will post as many ideas as I can.

I assume you've purchased at least one of the many L5R books that I've written. Yes?

Eli_Courtwright said...

I'll level with you, although I imagine that as an author you won't enjoy hearing this: I pay no attention to the authors of the RPG products I buy. I have personally bought about a dozen L5R books and adventure modules, and my friends have bought a lot as well, especially the other guy who GMs. But I always make my purchasing decisions based on how interesting the material looks and I never pay any attention to who wrote it.

I'll try to remember to check my books when I get home to see how many of them were written by you.

Eli_Courtwright said...

I should probably add to my last comment by saying that I'm still extremely grateful to the people who write these materials. I mean, I've always been impressed by the writing in L5R materials, and one of the things that attracted me to this setting was how rich and detailed it was, and how interesting the culture came across in the writing.

So I hope that I don't seem ungrateful from my last comment - I was just explaining that much like some people don't pay any attention to who directs the movies they go see, I don't pay much attention to who writes the RPG materials I buy.

jim pinto said...

I'm sure anyone working in a creative capacity to entertain (even a director like Michael Bay) would love to hear that you didn't notice his/her name on the screen.

And as a game designer, I'm used to no one knowing who the hell I am.

Insert smiley emoticon of your choice.

I guess the point of my question is, if you're familiar with my work, you'd understand why I enjoy this blog and writing up the ideas that I do.

We had a great session again last night and I'll be able to post more of the story soon. But I'm leaving for BGG con tomorrow and have much to prep. Expect a post next week.