Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Memoir '44

Just played three more scenarios of Memoir '44 with my wife… who is NOT a gamer. I won twice and she won once.


I love this game.

I cannot get enough. I bought two expansions, but I've yet to finish the ones in the basic book. Can't wait to see the Russian snipers in action.

I cannot recommend this game enough. Gotta get the Campaign book and Air Pack (which compiles all of their scenarios together).

The real strength of this game is that it's ASL for dummies and/or people who like to be done in an hour.

I am both.

The Night Below

My D&D campaign reached it second session, ending with the VERY FIRST encounter from the Night Below Boxed Set, now some 10+ years old. While I won't be exploring EVERYTHING under the earth, I do intend to play on the surface as long as possible… playing up the creepy connection between the cultists I introduced in the first session and everything else going on in the valley.

I hope my group is not reading this.