Thursday, January 22, 2009

Divers Campaign I and II

Session One
Playing with a new group is always tricky and trying to teach D&D players about the INDIE model of ACTIVE players is even harder. So, the first 20 minutes were awkward and difficult. We made characters as went, sort of, although I would have liked to have more prep, personally. My ring rust was definitely showing.

Quickly moving into the story, the PCs made their "stats" and were handed a quest by Kressen, the wizard that trained David's character. The village is about two weeks north and up the coast.

Micha's oddly-polytheistic cleric in a world with one god (Anson) had a romp in the back-alley with the local "girl." He worships the "concept" of travel and is all about experiencing new things. Rökker (Dave's character) met with stares as most of the people of Divers did not understand what an elf was doing in their town. Aaron's Druid (Rama) acquired a mangy dog as his animal companion and generally found city life distasteful.

A hermit named Gherind sold them some moonshine, shared some fish, and introduced them to some blue-skinned goblins of no particular threat. Very powerful tabacco was spit into the fire and the PCs got a little "buzzed." A crazy dream was had by the elf, but the player may not have picked up on its significance.

My Favorite Moment
Watching the PCs "draft" gifts left to them by the wizard Kressen who hired them.

Session Two
Much more action this go around. People are starting to find their niche, although the lack of a fighter makes "ambush" scenarios deadly for the PCs. Two combats and a lot more "clues" and roleplaying this go around. Takes a while to get back into it, I think.

Aaron used obscuring mist twice… efficiently, I should add.

The PCs continued up the coast toward MILBOURNE (from the Night Below box set). They encountered some contested land — between Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Orcs, and some upity goblins — but the PCs were well-warned by border markers. The PCs fought goblins and then orcs, back to back, in the same camp, then limped north to a wagon that was parked off the road.

They met Ariana, a gypsy, and a few others who belonged to her troupe. From there they headed north to Athwey, a small village in the middle of no-where — primarily a rest-stop for people travelling over the pass inland and/or going north, up the coast. A short stop there — Anson had a fun time with Ariana and Rama was asked by an old woman to deliver a letter to her cousin Haldelar in Milboure. After that, they were on their way again.

The party saw a frigate in the ocean at the mouth of the Churnet River and two days later a barge carrying a lot of copper ore. Just beyong that the party was ambushed in a fantastic fight that was ruined by the lack of fun that D&D can often bring.

Favorite Moment
The ambush just outside of Milboure by the farmers was just perfect — on the part of the farmers. They were waiting for adventurers fitting the PCs descriptions and waylaid them perfectly, subduing David's wizard in two rounds. The rest of the fight, sadly, was a comedy of errors, with Anson and Carlanis (the leader) missing their attack rolls for six consecutive rounds. Rama was stuck fighting five other guys by himself… okay his dog helped a little… and having the farmers drag away Rökker during the battle gave the PCs a little more time to fix things.

Toady Awards at CCFC

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