Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Night Below : Addendum

So far, I've made a few small changes here and there to the Night Below story. They've not even made it to Milbourne yet, and the PCs can see that the mired land of Haranshire lies on the edge of a border dispute between four separate races (to the South). This is going to make Harleton more important than it previously has been in the story.

I've also found a number of interesting sites and logs detailing the campaigns in Haranshire, so a farm auction looks to be among the principle events to come up soon.

Below is the reward poster hanging on a signpost that points to Harleton. I'm adding a narrow wagon-rut of a road between the edge of Lyrchwood and Harleton (it's not on the map, but makes sense to be there). I'm also adding a lumber yard (where mature wood is reaching its nadir and lumberjacks are begining to forest virgin trees) along the edge of the wood and a road leading up (alongside) Cutter Brook to the River.